Preparing For The First Issue

Are you excited? We are.

Your humble editor is currently working hard on making sure that there is plenty of content in the first issue for you to enjoy. Even though it’s past deadline for submissions, I’ve been scouring the interwebs to find more people to submit before next Saturday when I will be finishing things up so that I can get the manuscript to Createspace before the end of the month.

While we’d hoped to re-launch with a Literary Journal stuffed full of content, we’re looking at around 40 pages. Not bad, still. This first issue contains:

  • “Breaking and Healing,” a poem by Estrella Jaimes that is gripping and beautiful.
  • “Close to the Grave,” a poem by Yvonne Glasgow about anxiety.
  • “Know Your Muslim Neighbor,” a thoughtful piece on community and religion by David Edward La Ponsie.
  • An interview with Jennifer Bartlett of LOKELLA about music, hair color, and more.
  • An interview with Lisa Enos about making movies.
  • A teaser from Peter Welmerink’s book series “Transport” that is sure to please your need for imaginative storytelling.
  • “The Cluttered House,” a short story by Yvonne Glasgow about her mom’s hoarding addiction.
  • A music review column including reviews of The Sweet Water Warblers- With You, LVRS- Now Is Light, Cloudlight- S/T, and Dale Wicks- Soon.
  • Cover photo submitted by Rachel White for the cover art contest.

Want to be a part of this fantastic project? Check out the submission page for more info.

The first issue will be available on June 1st. It will be for sale through Amazon only. Kindle copies are 99 cents, and print copies are $5 (plus shipping, unless you have Prime). All royalties earned from each issue will be split equally among the writers who were published in that issue!



Creative Genius - Yvonne has been writing professionally since 2000. Prior to that, she got her writing start as a poet. Yvonne has a passion for writing about health & wellness topics, creating music reviews that spark interest, and she has a passion for all things macabre.

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