Submission Guidelines

Ever wanted to get your words into print? The NEW #supportgrandrapids is a Literary Journal. We accept short stories in creative fiction and non-fiction (please, evergreen topics only), poetry, book excerpts, intelligent reviews of local creatives and businesses (music reviews, book reviews, artist reviews). Interviews are only accepted if they are with an established entity that won’t be “closing” or “breaking up” before the issue comes out. All submissions must come from people in the Greater Grand Rapids Area, and reviews/interviews must only be on creatives/businesses in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.

Photos and art will be EXTREMELY limited, though we will be looking for cover art submissions.

Issues: This will be a quarterly journal, available in ebook and print, through Amazon. Links will be posted on Facebook for each issue upon availability. Summer 2018 will be the first issue, which is slated for a June release.

Summer/June Issue submissions are due May 1 (2018).

Autumn/September Issue submissions are due August 1 (2018).

Winter/December Issue submissions are due November 1 (2018).

Spring/March Issue submissions are due February 1 (2019).

If your submission is approved (submission does not guarantee print) for print, you will get a cut of the royalties for that issue, split among all of those published in that issue. Royalties will be paid once I receive the royalty payment from Amazon and will be paid through Paypal ONLY (that means you’ll need to get a Paypal account if you don’t have one, it’s free). You won’t be able to make a living at this, but it will give you the feeling of pride for having your name in print, and you’ll get a little pocket change for helping to #supportgrandrapids.

#supportgrandrapids does accept interview and review requests but cannot guarantee you’ll be chosen for a story.

Style: We’d prefer a first-person view on reviews. We want to know your thoughts. As this is a “literary” publication, please angle things toward the literary side- like focusing on songwriting when reviewing music it interviewing bands. Essays, we love essays, just keep them to evergreen topics.

Please include a short bio with your submission, as well as the name you’d like to be published under and the Paypal address you want royalties sent to. Submissions missing these items will not be published.

Fiction/Non-Fiction Submissions: Please keep your story submissions to 3000 words or less. They can be on anything you want them to be, from local-based stories to complete fabrication. Have fun with it. Be creative. This includes essays (we will not accept essays shorter than 300 words). We will accept short-short stories that are only a few hundred words in length if they are intriguing. If you are submitting an excerpt from your own book, include the book info with it, please!

Poetry Submissions: Feel free to submit as many poems at a time you would like. If we love them and they won’t all fit in one issue, we’ll hold onto them for a future issue.

Interview Submissions: It doesn’t matter what format you do your interview in, Q & A is okay, just make sure you are telling the story of the person you’re interviewing. We want our readers to feel their passion and be inspired! Interview lengths can vary, but please keep them below 3000 words and above 800 words. Include an introduction paragraph so that we all know who we’re reading about before we get to the interview.

Review Submissions: Reviews with fewer than 300 words will not be published. All reviews should be between 300 and 600 words in length. Tell people about what you’re reviewing, about the people that made it, about the story behind it. Make people want to buy that book, CD, movie. Make them want to shop at that store or see that particular tattoo artist. Sell it.

Please EMAIL submissions and requests to We will NOT accept submissions through this page. Also, shoot us an email if you have any questions! For more information, follow #supportgrandrapids on Facebook

Here are some reasons why your work may be rejected:

  • You forgot to include your bio, pen name (or real name), and/or Paypal email address.
  • Your piece is full of mistakes. We will do some minor editing if needed, but if your work has an abundance of spelling and other grammatical errors we will not publish it. Please consider using an app like Grammarly, not just general spell check. Always read through your work at least one, and preferably out loud, before you submit.
  • We just don’t have room for it in the current issue. In this case, if your piece is evergreen, per request, and we like it, we’ll save it for the next issue, and it will be one of the first to go in.

You will be notified before publication whether or not your piece has been selected for inclusion. We will also let you know why it was not chosen if that’s the case. If your work is rejected due to grammar, you can edit your work and resubmit one time. If you continually submit inferior work, you will be added to a blacklist, and we will no longer even read your submissions.